Leather Car Seat Slot Storage Box

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Say goodbye to messy car with these 3 color design Leather Car Seat Slot Storage Box! An instant car gap filler to stop your items from dropping!
The best distance with easy to reach car seat organizer, making your driving safer and more convenient. Works great in car or truck models with gap filler 0.5-2.2 inches.
Focus on the road and forget any fallen objects even at bumpy destinations! A great and 100% car seat gap item holder for your daily necessities. 

• Space Saving Car Seat Gap Storing
Tidy your space and fit between car seat organizers, giving your car with extra pocket. Can avoid distractions and give extra storage on your belongings.
• Easy Access & Safer Driving
Secure and easy reach your valuables with this holder, leaving no fallen items while you focus on your road.
• Securely Holds on Car Console
Universally made to fit and firmly secures its placement on your car center consoles. Has a clip-on garter to adopt a stable holding.
• Easy to Install
Secures in place in just 5 seconds! Built-in automatic design for wide car center console. Giving time-saving installation any time!
• Multifunctional             
Instant cleaner to put car stuff into car organizer front seat such as phone, wallet, shades, tissue, notepad, ballpen, handkerchief, keys, and more!
• Widely Applicable
Attachable for most cars with center console, makes uncomplicated installation and applies for 0.5-2.2 inch spaces.
• Durably Made
Made with premium PU high elastic leather, soft, waterproof, and smooth feel, minimally designed to advance your car atmosphere.

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• Leather Car Seat Slot Storage Box x 1 PC